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Timothy O’Connor – How Do We Know that We Are Free?

Daniel von Wachter – Agents Can Initiate Causal Processes

Barbara Drossel – How The Laws of Physics Leave Room For God’s Action

Alin Cucu – Does Energy Conservation Preclude Dualistic Agent Causality?

Richard Swinburne – Phenomenological Evidence of Libertarian Free Will

Dietmar von der Pfordten – Freedom as Partial, Inherent Non-Necessity

Uwe Meixner – Miracles With and Without Free Will – Free Will Without and With Miracles

Josef Seifert – Do Divine Attributes and Actions Render Possible Human Free Will or Destroy it?

Timothy McGrew – The Formal Epistemology of Testimony: Beyond Hume and Earman

Lydia Jaeger – Human Liberty Between Scientific Determinism and Liberty of Creation

Thomas Pink – Reason – Human And Divine: The Jesuits on Motivation

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Timothy McGrew: The Historical Reliability of the Gospels