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Causality, Free Will, Divine Action

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Proceedings of the Conference

The IAP has published a set of articles on Causality, Free Will, and Divine Action as a special issue of the journal Organon F.

With contributions from

  • Robert A. Larmer
  • Richard Swinburne
  • Daniel von Wachter
  • Michael Esfeld
  • Ralf B. Bergmann
  • Uwe Meixner
  • Ansgar Beckermann
  • Thomas Pink.

The articles are open access, they can be downloaded for free.

See the videos of this conference.

Conference 13–15 September 2017 (Arrival 12/9/17, departure 16/9/17)

Venue: Universität Wien Sky Lounge, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna, Austria

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Topic: In the discussion about free will, often impossibility arguments are put forward against the existence of free human actions of a certain kind. Similarly, in the discussion about miracles, often impossibility arguments are put forward against the existence of divine interventions. Impossibility arguments refer to causality (the causal nexus, the principle of causation, determinism), laws of nature, the causal closure of the physical world, the completeness of physics, methodological naturalism, the impossibility of causation between material and immaterial objects, or the incoherence of free will or of divine intervention. Some have claimed that the impossibility is knowable a priori (Hobbes, Kant), others have claimed that there is empirical evidence for it. The speakers of this conference are invited to put forward claims about these impossibility claims or to present evidence for or against the existence of free human actions of a certain kind or for or against the existence of divine interventions. Some questions: Does the causal structure of the world leave room for free actions or for divine interventions? Are there good arguments for the impossibility of free actions of a certain kind or of divine actions of a certain kind? Are there good reasons for believing in determinism? Does the existence of probabilistic processes or of probabilistic laws of nature make free actions or divine interventions possible?

Participation is free, but registration is required. Contact Mr Nolte rnolte@iap.li, places are limited. If you register and then cannot come, please inform us immediately.

For students and doctoral students there are scholarships of 300 CHF available. In order to apply, please write to rnolte@iap.li and send us your CV. Apply now, at the latest 15 August.


13. September 2017
15. September 2017
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