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  1. Conference: Free Will and Divine Action

    21. August - 23. August



HERE you find a list of areas in which the IAP professors can supervise.


Director: Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel von Wachter. Email: (replace ‘ABC’ by ‘iap’). Area of specialisation: metaphysics, philosophy of religion; further areas of competence: philosophy of mind, metaethics, epistemic justification, epistemic probability, Austrian school of economics.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Batthyány, Viktor Frankl chair for philosophy and psychology. Email: (replace ‘ABC’ by ‘iap’). Area of specialisation: Philosophy of psychology, logotherapy, existential psychology, free will. Area of competence: philosophy of mind.

Other Lecturers and Researchers

Prof. Dr. Dr. Frederik Herzberg, research fellow

Dr Fabian Graßl, research fellow

Alin Christoph Cucu LAss StR, doctoral fellow

Christoph Mocker, doctoral fellow

Roderich Nolte, project administrator

Governing Bodies of the IAP

President of the Board of Trustees:
Prinz Nikolaus von und zu Liechtenstein

Academic Board (Hochschulrat):

  • Prof. Dr. Rocco Buttiglione (Rome, Italy)
  • Prof. Dr. Guido Hülsmann (Angers, France)
  • Professor John Lennox MA MMath MA(Bioethics) DPhil PhD DSc (Oxford)
  • Prof. Dr. Nicolas Michel (Fribourg, Switzerland)
  • Prof. Dr. Czesław Porębski (Cracow, Poland)
  • Prof. Dr. Rogelio Rovira (Madrid, Spain)

Further staff


Library: Jacqueline Stocker


Aktuelles Projekt: Die Offenheit des Universums für Willensfreiheit und Gottes Handeln

Dank der großzügigen Unterstützung der John Templeton Foundation findet von 2017 bis 2019 an der IAP das Projekt The Openness of the Universe for Free Will and Special Divine Action statt.

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